Skilled Personnel and Technical Support

Skill Meets Strategy: Comprehensive Technical Support

In the intricate landscape of EPCI projects and structural fabrication, the right team makes all the difference. At OEI, we pride ourselves on our human capital—individuals who bring a wealth of experience, expertise, and dedication to the table. Our personnel are not just employees; they are the backbone of our operations, the driving force behind our successes, and the embodiment of our commitment to delivering excellence. From the precision of our welders to the strategic insights of our supervisors, every member plays a pivotal role. Dive deeper to discover the depth of our capabilities and the breadth of our expertise.

Provision of Competent Skilled Personnel:

OEI stands as a beacon of expertise in the realm of EPCI projects, conversions, and modifications within the Oil & Gas and Power Plant Industry. With a competent team boasting over two decades of hands-on experience, we have a profound understanding of the fabrication processes for both onshore and offshore facilities. Our offerings include:

  • Skilled Personnel Deployment: We provide a spectrum of skilled personnel, from helpers adept at assisting in foundational tasks to senior supervisors who oversee complex projects, ensuring timely and quality delivery.
  • Ad-hoc Personnel Provision: For projects with unique requirements, we offer specialized personnel to cater to specific needs, ensuring flexibility and precision.
  • Offshore Expertise: Our offshore operations and maintenance teams comprise individuals trained to work in challenging marine environments, ensuring safety and efficiency.
  • Technical Training: We believe in continuous growth. Our technical personnel undergo rigorous training programs abroad, acquainting them with global best practices and cutting-edge techniques.

Welding Technical Services:

Our welding division stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence:

  • Diverse Welding Techniques: Our welders are proficient in a range of welding techniques, catering to diverse project needs. Whether it’s FCAW for thick weld joints or GTAW for corrosion-resistant joints, our team delivers with precision.
  • Industry Collaboration: Our reputation as a reliable partner is solidified by our collaborations with industry stalwarts like Vietsovpetro, PTSC MC, and Alpha ECC. This synergy ensures we’re always at the forefront of industry innovations.
  • Training Excellence: In partnership with recognized training centers, we ensure our workforce, from welders to painters, undergo regular training, keeping them updated with the latest industry standards.

Comprehensive Workforce Capabilities:

Our strength is our people. Each category in our workforce is defined by expertise and dedication:


  • Foremen: Lead teams, ensuring workflow efficiency.
  • Structural Welders: Specialize in welding structural components.
  • Piping Welders: Focus on pipes, ensuring leak-proof and durable joints.
  • Supervisors: Oversee projects, ensuring quality and safety.


  • Supervisors: Ensure scaffold safety and stability.
  • Foremen: Lead scaffolding teams during setup and dismantling.
  • Levels 1-3 Scaffolders: Varying expertise levels, from basic scaffold setup to complex structures.


  • Supervisors: Oversee painting projects, ensuring quality and adherence to specifications.
  • Foremen: Lead painting teams, ensuring efficiency.
  • Blasters: Prepare surfaces for painting, ensuring longevity.
  • Painters: Apply paint, ensuring evenness and durability.


  • Supervisors: Oversee rigging operations, ensuring safety.
  • Signalers: Communicate between crane operators and ground teams.
  • Slingers: Handle and attach loads to cranes.
  • Banksman: Ensure safe movement of vehicles on site.


  • Supervisors: Oversee cutting operations, ensuring precision.
  • Foremen: Lead cutting teams, ensuring efficiency.
  • Cutters: Handle cutting machinery, ensuring clean cuts.


  • Supervisors: Oversee fitting operations, ensuring components fit perfectly.
  • Foremen: Lead fitting teams, ensuring workflow efficiency.
  • Fitters: Ensure components are aligned and fit correctly.

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