Marine Fleet Operation and Maintenance

OEI stands as a prominent figure in Marine Fleet Operation and Maintenance. Drawing from our extensive experience, we specialize in managing a diverse range of marine vessels, from standard barges to specialized cable laying and construction barges. Our goal is to ensure optimal performance and safety for every vessel under our care.

Barge Maintenance:

Barges play a crucial role in marine operations. Our services for barge maintenance encompass:

  • Regular inspections to assess the vessel’s condition.
  • Standard maintenance tasks to prolong the barge’s operational life.
  • Advanced repair services to address both structural and functional challenges.

Cable Laying Barge Maintenance & Upgrades:

Cable laying barges, with their specific operational needs, require specialized attention. At OEI, we offer:

  • Tailored maintenance services suited for cable laying activities.
  • Upgrading services to incorporate modern technologies and enhance operational capabilities.
  • Dedicated teams with expertise in cable laying barge functionalities.

Construction Barge Maintenance:

Given the critical role of construction barges in marine projects, they demand consistent care. Our services include:

  • Comprehensive inspections to ensure structural soundness.
  • Maintenance routines to counteract wear and ensure readiness for construction activities.
  • Upgrades to boost the barge’s construction potential.

Equipment Overhaul and Upgrades:

Our services extend to the equipment onboard the vessels. We provide:

  • Overhaul services for vital equipment like winches, generators, and power systems.
  • Upgrading services to enhance equipment performance and integrate the latest technological advancements.

Skilled Maintenance Team & Marine Crew:

Our team, comprising dedicated maintenance professionals and marine crew members, is trained to address the unique challenges of marine fleet maintenance. Their expertise ensures top-tier service for every vessel, promoting smooth and efficient operations.

Comprehensive Marine Solutions:

In addition to maintenance, OEI offers a spectrum of marine solutions:

  • Detailed vessel assessments to determine maintenance and upgrade needs.
  • Design and upgrade services to elevate vessel capabilities.
  • Docking solutions for secure vessel storage.
  • End-to-end logistics support, facilitating seamless import and export operations in Vietnam. Our established connections with local ports, berthing facilities, and regulatory authorities streamline operations, ensuring compliance and timely execution.

OEI’s Dedication to Marine Excellence:

By choosing OEI for your marine fleet’s operation and maintenance, you’re partnering with a leader in marine services. Our integrated approach, combined with our unwavering focus on safety and efficiency, ensures your fleet remains in prime condition, ready to tackle marine challenges.


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