Operation and Maintenance

OEI has carved a niche as a premier provider of offshore operation and maintenance (O&M) services. Our vast experience, spanning several years, has equipped us to offer unparalleled care for offshore structures, both above and below the water’s surface. Our O&M services are meticulously crafted, ensuring that offshore assets not only operate efficiently but also remain resilient in the face of marine challenges.

Above Water O&M Services:

For structures that stand above the waterline, our O&M services are exhaustive, focusing on both preventive and corrective measures:

  • Structural Integrity Checks: Regular evaluations to ensure the strength, safety, and longevity of offshore structures.
  • Painting: Scheduled maintenance and application of marine-grade protective coatings, ensuring structures remain resistant to corrosion and other marine-induced wear.
  • Welding Checks: Advanced Ultrasonic Testing (UT) techniques to assess the quality and durability of welds, ensuring they meet industry standards.
  • Drone Fly Inspections: Modern drone technology is employed to provide detailed visual inspections, capturing intricate details and potential areas of concern.

Submarine Cable O&M Services:

Our expertise dives deep, offering a comprehensive range of O&M services tailored for submarine cables:

  • Underwater Surveying: Detailed assessments using cutting-edge tools like sub-bottom profilers and side scan sonars, ensuring accurate data collection and analysis.
  • Material Fabrication: Crafting specialized materials, including concrete mattresses, designed to withstand the rigors of the underwater environment.
  • Engineering & Analysis: Custom solutions derived from in-depth stability calculations, ensuring the longevity of submarine installations.
  • Submarine Cable Service: Expertise in the installation and protection of underwater cables, ensuring seamless communication and power transmission.
  • Subsea Cable Repair: A comprehensive approach to cable repair, from initial damage assessment to final testing post-repair.

Scour Protection & Structural O&M:

The foundation of any offshore structure is its most critical component:

  • Concrete Mattresses & Stone Bags: Proven solutions to prevent scouring, especially vital for structures like wind turbine jackets.
  • Monopile Maintenance: Specialized diving operations to conduct surveys, remove marine growth, and perform essential maintenance tasks, ensuring the structure’s stability.

OEI’s O&M Pledge:

Choosing OEI for your O&M requirements is an investment in the future of your offshore assets. Our commitment to excellence, combined with our technical prowess, ensures that every project we undertake, regardless of its scale, receives the highest level of care and expertise.


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