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Our Capabilities and Assets

Discover the range of tools and equipment that drive OEI's success. Our capabilities and assets highlight our commitment to excellence, positioning us as a leader in delivering innovative and reliable solutions to our clients.


Highlighting Our Premier Facilities

Installation barges for WTG foundation, tower and turbine installation

Heavy-duty barges ensure precise WTG foundation, tower, and turbine setup with safety in marine conditions.

Transportation Barges for WTG, and Heavy Structures.

Transport barges for wind parts & oil gear, ensuring safe, timely delivery in marine conditions.

Submarine Cable Laying Barge for shallow water

Submarine Cable Laying Barge designed for operations in shallow waters, ensuring efficient cable deployment.

XGC 800MT Crawler Crane

XGC 800MT Crawler Crane

Optimized Workshop Space for Storage & Maintenance

Spacious 2000m2 workshop dedicated to secure storage, routine maintenance, and equipment preservation.

Strategic Office Location for Enhanced Operations

500m2 office in Vung Tau, strategically located near ports and fabrication yards for optimal operations.

Highlighting Our Premier Equipments

  • Cable Handling and Deployment
  • Power and Hydraulic Systems
  • Seabed Preparation and Drilling Equipment
  • Lifting and Deployment Systems

Cable Handling and Deployment

Efficiently deploying and safeguarding submarine cables is crucial. Our specialized equipment ensures precision and protection during these operations.

  • Turntable Basket: For coiling submarine cables.
  • Cable Tensioner: Controls cable tension during laying.
  • Cable Spooler: Manages cable winding.
  • Cable Plough: Lays and buries cables simultaneously.
  • Subsea Cable Joiner: Splices underwater cables.

Company Profile

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Download Typical Equipment Specification

imgSpecification of 20 Ton A-frameSeptember 27, 2023
imgSpecification of 20T Hydraulic Winch SpreadSeptember 27, 2023
imgSpecification of 50 ton Spooling WinchSeptember 27, 2023
imgSpecification of 75KW (HPU)September 27, 2023
imgSpecification of 850cfm Air Compressor (AC-05)September 27, 2023
imgSpecification of TensionerSeptember 27, 2023
imgSpecification of Buried PloughSeptember 27, 2023
imgSpecification of Work Barge “OEI - Tan Cang 01September 27, 2023
imgSpecification of Cable Laying Barge (CLB)September 27, 2023
imgSpecification of Diamond Wire Saw 16''September 27, 2023
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