As the name suggested, Offshore Energy Installation focused on building for green energy. OEI utilizes the latest innovation to provide the best solution for offshore wind farm transportation and installation

OEI Company management consists of key personnel who have rich experience and capabilities for execution of offshore oil and gas projects in VietNam and overseas including fabrication, transportation, installation and hook-up and commissioning.

The company also specializes in equipment and facilities. The port facilities include warehouses and yard maintenance within the Vung Tau Offshore Supply-base area.

At OEI, we provide the best solution for:

  • Transportation and Installation (T&I) Services for Wind Farm and Oil & Gas facilities;
  • Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Services for Wind Farm and Oil & Gas facilities;
  • Removal and Decommissioning Services for Wind Farm and Oil and Gas facilities.
  • T&I/O&M Research and Development (R&D) for Wind Farm and Oil & Gas industry.


1.      Site conditions:

  • Shallow water, depth from 0 m up to 10m;
  • Twice daily tide change i.e. Mekong Delta coastal areas, water depth between HAT and LAT is around 2.0 to 3.5m depending on the day/season;
  • Thick soft/loose sand/clay layers;

2.      Logistical Constraints:

  • No inland road and infrastructure available for heavy vehicles;
  • No seaport available nearby the wind farm for marine supply base;
  • Lack of logistical support from shore base in Mekong Delta provinces;
  • Transportation for heavy equipment to site via sea;

3.      Construction Facilities Constraints:

  • No available construction vessel/barge/jack-up in VN and region for these kind of specific site conditions.
  • Posibility of mooring method (using flat top barge and crawler crane) is low due to weather sensitive (recommended condition Hs < 0.5m).
  • High risks of using onshore crawler crane due to barge motion and instability

4.      Weather conditions:  The best condition for working shall be from April to October