The Upgrading & Modification of OEI Tan Cang – 01 Project almost come to Completion Date.

After more than 2 months with the highest concentration and determination, the project of upgrading and modification the OEI-Tan cang 01 has almost come to the completion date.

These days, on the AECC fabrication site, AECC’s engineers and OEI’s construction supervisors, Engineering is concentrating on completing the project ahead of schedule to be ready for upcoming projects.

AECC, together with GCE contractor Who builds Accommodation and working cabins, OLES company builds anchorage system, spud lifter, control system on barges OEI-Tan Cang – 01 all commit to complete the project before the end of March 2021 as planned.

Let’s see some pictures at the construction sites for the OEI-Tan Cang-01 barge.

Spud Piles Fabrication
Spud Piles Fabrication
Spud Lifter Fabrication
Spud Lifter Testing
Spud Wells Fabrication
Crane Boom Rest Fabrication
Winch Load Test
Accommodation Base Frame Fabrication