OEI-Tan Cang 02 Arrived the Dong Xuyen Port Ready for the Upcoming Projects

On February 7, 2020, OEI-Tan Cang 02,  towed by Tancang 88 has arrived and alongside the Dong Xuyen port after a two-week journey from Batam – Indonesia,

This is the first of the two barge bought by OEI company in 2020 (OEI- Tan Cang 01 and OEI- Tan Cang 02) will arrive in Vietnam as planned in February 2021.

Receiving this Barge is a strong commitment of the Board of Directors to the mission and vision of the Company. With the mobilization of the Barge to Vietnam before the Lunar New Year, the OEI Board of Management has shown their determination in preparing necessary equipment to implement committed projects with customers for upcoming projects.

As planned, the OEI-Tan Cang 02 barge will be modified and upgraded to meet the standards wind power construction, especially for the upcoming Vien An and Tan Thuan projects in April 2021.

As planned, the OEI-Tan Cang -1 barge will be towed to Vietnam in February and is scheduled to arrive at Dong Xuyen port on February 27, 2021.

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