1. Company Profile

  • Company Name (Vietnamese): Công ty Cổ phần Xây Lắp Công trình Năng lượng Biển
  • Company name: Offshore Energy Installation JSC
  • Brief name: OEI
  • Capital: 50 Billions VNĐ

2. Business Registered Office

  • Level 3, 89C Nguyen Van Troi Street, Ward. Vung Tau City, Vietnam

3. Company Operating Office

  • Level 2, VSP Service Building, No. 44 30/4 Street, Ward. 9, Vung Tau City, Vietnam

4. Contact details

Offshore Energy Installtion JSC Logo

company business


  • Project Management Service;
  • Marine Fleet Operating and Maintenace Services;
  • Transportation and installation (T&I) Services for Wind Farm and Oil & Gas facilities;
  • Operations and Maintenace (O&M) Services for Wind Farm and Oil & Gas facilities;
  • Removal and Decommissioning Services for Wind Farm and Oil and Gas facilities;
  • T&I/O&M Research and Development (R&D) for Wind Farm and Oil & Gas industry.

2. Equipment & Facilities

  • Logistic port facilities including yard, warehouses, maintenance workshops within Vung Tau area;
  • Heavy – duty installtion barges for WTG foundation, tower and turbine installation;
  • Heavy – duty installation barge for WTG sub-marine cable laying/burial.

corporate governance model

OFFSHORE ENERGY INSTALLATION JSC (OEI) has established the Corporate Governance System following ISO international standards, and other professional global regulatory bodies in the management and operations of marine assets for offshore wind farm installation.

The Company comprises of dynamic qualified personnel, experienced in the field of offshore transportation and installation in variousinternational working environments and with the inclusive ability to fluently communicate in English.

According to our lean operating model, we have built functional departments and job titles with optimum use of applying information technology to manage and operate daily activities transparently and effectively.

We successfully promoting the “Vietnamese” brand in international competition, professionalism and effective business with a long-term development strategy to capitalize on target markets.

“Building for Green Energy” is the slogan that leads us to our goal, and commits us to deliver quality and sustainability in every project.