On Fe 1, 2021, at the construction site of Alpha ECC Company, the first cut ceremony of the project “OEI-Tan Cang 01 Barge Modification and Upgrading” has been solemnly organized. Attending the ceremony were Management of OEI company, Alpha ECC company and the entire Project Team.

OEI-Tan Cang 01Barge project is in the the OEI’s priority plan to prepare the necessary vehicles, equipment for the implementation of the upcoming projects in 2021.


Pictures: Spud Piles Fabrication

OEI-Tan Cang 01Barge will be upgraded and modified by installing the steel mat for crane, spud lifter system, mooring system and the accommodation for 44 men to serve the construction of nearshore wind farm. Total modification and upgrade weight is about 350Ton.

The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of Mar 2021 and and ready to put into operation in April 2021.