Ca Mau Windfarm – Submarine Cable Repair Project

OFFSHORE ENERGY INSTALLATION JSC (OEI) was awarded the order to repair 120kV submarine cable for a windfarm project in Ca Mau province, Vietnam. The connection was successfully completed and launched.

On 24th January 2022, OEI has successfully completed 120kV submarine cable repair project for a windfarm project in Ca Mau province, Vietnam. When the cable was damaged in early January 2022, the Project Owner of the windfarm project directly awarded OEI the order to repair 100 meters of 120kV submarine cable. Although the weather window was bad, the project was successfully completed within 10 days.

OEI has quickly fabricated the junction boxes and mobilized the best repair team, equipment and vehicles to project site in Ca Mau province, Vietnam. After removing objections around damaged point, OEI team lifted up the cable to the fabrication on OEI’s Cable repair barge – OEI Tan Cang 03. The repair operation was performed 24/24 until completely pouring a type of adhesive into the junction box to tighten and protect the joint before laucnh. The repair operation has successully completed and power cable was brought back in operation normally.

OEI’s Professors audit cable connector before launch (Image: OEI)
OEI has demonstrated the capabilities to quickly, efficiently complete repairs of variety power cable from onshore to nearshore. Offshore Energy Installation JSC (OEI) confidents to provide the best service of power cable repair for windfarm projects in a short time with our professional team, modern equipment and vehicles.

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